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1. Vision

A vision is a picture of the future that is created in the imagination and motivates action. The purpose of sharing the vision of Janssen Auto Group is so that every staff member knows where we are heading so that you can help us achieve that vision.

Janssen Auto Group is the clear and growing market leader in automotive sales and service in our area. We have a reputation for exceeding our customers’ expectations in their sales and service experience.

Thank you card from Miss Rodeo Nebraska.

2. Mission

The purpose of a mission statement is to communicate to every staff member the mission of the dealership.

The mission of Janssen Auto Group is to provide automotive sales and service that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations for convenience, quality of service and quality vehicles at competitive prices.

The foundation of our company is a group of competent, customer friendly employees working together in a team-based system that strives for continuous improvement of everything we do.

Our reputation for reliability, value and personal service allows us to prosper as a business for the benefit of our customers, our employees, and our stakeholders.

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3. Quality

Janssen Auto Group has identified the following as the quality standards that drives everything we do. These quality standards should be taken into account when any staff member makes a decision.

Our quality standards are: Friendliness, Respect, Reliability, Knowledgeable, and Honesty.